Monday, 18 March 2013


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Here we are boasting about almost every technology that makes your life simple well as a fact of the matter.. It's really just making it all the more difficult.Today when I go out and provoke my friends to accompany me they just have millions of reasons of why they can't .We need a rebel in every group who encourages people to go out shut their phones (I always have done it...My Principle:When you are with me taking a brisk walk you can't use your phone). It just kills the wonderful time that we spend with each other.

As the technology grows the satisfaction of people gets  decreased..
(Oh!see there that's iMac and...oh wait that's a newly released S4).
All  these artificial means of enjoyment can never make one happy .

People now have forgotten what it is to be on a swing.The real joys of life were to wake up early wait for watching the sunrise with the birds chirping around and then later watching the sunset!

These never cost anything and fortunately they don't even have an app for this!(and probably never should).

Growing up in a metro is even more difficult you have to catch buses,trains,autos,taxis as you rarely can afford private transport.

Even in these little things there lies joy of life ...meeting so many people everyday the best part being they rarely repeat.And yeah in this city of Mumbai all the talk that you do is

1.Western Railway is far better than Central Railway.

2.Yahan Gandki Kuch Jyada hi hai.

(generally arises from a person new to the city.)

3. Yeh Congress Bahut Kharab hai.(Well this is a conclusion which arises from "Mehangai kitni badh gayi hai.')

(Last one but this never ends)
4.Yeh 'पुलिस '(police) bekar hai.

All of this continues until your up train from Thane finally reaches CST and you can't do anything now.Except waiting till the next day you board the local.

Where has that culture gone now?

Why no debates ?

Why isn't the youth at all interested in socializing

but it's all over the social network?

Reflect upon it 
When was the last time you went out for a walk with someone?
When was the last time you got into a conversation with a stranger whom you met in a train or bus?
When was the last time you thought you should gift your mother something...well at least a flower?
आखिर  क्या  हुआ  है इस आम  आदमी  को  ?

काई  जाला  त्याला ?


  1. Nailed it........Hope to read more. Just don't stop . :D