Tuesday, 19 March 2013

iDentity Crisis

Days of babies getting born with a silver spoon have gone all you now get is a  black gadget

I don't know why I'm writing this while I'm on this journey visiting Mumbai,my hometown,but all I know is that we have got to change our mind we CAN'T be like ...Oh My God! My Phone just fell.And then when our friend falls we laugh the hell out.

I always thought I should write but never put it into practice earlier.Well I found out something interesting on my co-passenger's Iphone (isn't i supposed to be small?) when I sneaked up a little, I saw that he had a contact stored and it was named "Sweet Wife" ..I don't think people are this romantic nowadays but the first thought that came to my mind was .... Does he really love his wife so much ...or...maybe has he forgotten her name ?

Well people! buckle up! stop fiddling with your smartphone all the time and face the core realities of the world.It's not going to help.Well this is too early a topic for me to write but if it reaches the audience it's going to help...Just imagine what's going to happen to our kids , all they can do is "imitate and learn" how would it feel when all your kiddo does is plays with these so called smart but stupid phones.You think he  or she's smart but wait there...That's just going to ruin his life.

I've seen my neighbor's child doing the same he knows how to operate a smartphone but when it comes to play he's too ignorant about going to the garden and then playing around with kids of his age.I myself don't do it as I feel left out with only kids(about 7 years younger to me) and grandpas and grandmas being there 

After doing some research I made many assumptions of why people are so attached with this.People were emotional about the information stored in and delivered via their mobile phones. I quite agree with this statement, the fact that people exchange emotionally charged text messages with their loved ones, and then store them for reading later, could make them emotional about their mobile phones.

But why do we see ourselves as our phones?It doesn't help, it just eclipses the boredom transferring it into stress and being drained.Well to be real I myself use a phone that can only call and text that too is because my parents want me to have it as it feels safer to them.It helps a lot being happy and satisfied with what you have.

We have all got this new syndrome called "Modern World" Maybe it's a little more modern than what it should have been.

Major Symptom : Attachment 

Diagnosis :
Finding out what's healthy and what's not.

If you are attached to your friends because they prevent you from feeling lonely then that's a healthy attachment but if you were attached to food because it helps you escape from your bad moods then that's an unhealthy attachment.

As a general rule, unhealthy attachments are the ones that are developed in order to cover the real problem instead of helping you face it.

A healthy attachment on the other hand is a the one that is developed in order to help you fix the problem directly.

Then work on replacing the unhealthy attachments with healthy ones so that you can live a better life.

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